Hello Friends!

In celebration of the 100th Post, I have decided to host a sweepstake!! Join in for a chance to win a copy of the book ‘Daughters Who Walk this Path’.
Why did I choose this book? Because I love the phrase; ‘Afurum gi N’anya‘ and because it was a beautifully written tale of the suffering many young girls face in the name of achieving womanhood.

1. Giveaway open to subscribers only who live in the U.K.; no family members are allowed to win (sorry, I’ll give y’all hugs, I promise)
2. Leave a comment on my Book review of daughters who walk this path , stating why you want the book.
3. Follow the tag, ‘poem’ and leave a comment on your favourite poem on ‘’ stating why you love it.
4. The first subscriber to complete the two tasks above wins! First come, first serve. One winner only!
5. If by the 1st of December 2015, there is no winner, the giveaway will close and no one will receive the brand new copy of the book!

Get Commenting People!!
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