A male colleague at work recently payed a comment on the size of the average female handbag. Raising the question; why is a woman’s handbag always so heavy! Perhaps that is an over generalization, not all women have a heavy handbag. I have a friend who goes out often with only her bank card and […]

I love lunch, the break from the hustle and bustle of a working day. Time to sit and chat with colleagues, have a peak at that blog post you’ve been dying to see. And I love it more when it’s inexpensive and super nourishing. But more importantly, I take pride in knowing that I made […]

“You know, you didn’t have to squint at it?” – he said to me in a most accusatory tone ever. When I gave him a semi-puzzled expression, he continued, “I know it was small, but seriously Dami, squinting!” He was obviously less than pleased about the course of action my eyes had subconsciously taken to […]

It was midnight and I was leaning against my car; Alas I was stranded! I’d lost my car keys, with no spares close by and my phone battery was dead! I thought to myself; “could today get any worse?”, then I realised that that it actually could have been worse. Anyone who has watched an […]

Dami Loves Cake!! I absolutely love these mini cakes. They are super delicious, light and fluffy and can be eaten in one bite. They are an adaptation of a wonderful recipe from Lakeland’s Cupcakes and Cookies cookbook. I have made these mini cakes so many times in such varied ways, and they have always been […]

For my first Dami loves Food post, I wanted to start with something healthy and super simple. I was keen for a recipe with virtually no calories, but not punishing on the taste buds. The only thing I could think of was blanched Kale. Let me be honest with you, I never wanted to join […]

Welcome to Damiloves.com I’m so happy to finally begin this blogging journey and I’m glad you’ve decided to come along for the ride. Rainer Maria Rilke said; “the only journey is the one within”, as a traveller I find that quote to be apt. Each time I go somewhere new, I inevitably learn something significant […]