Hello Friends!! You got it right, its bake day friday! This is my take on the traditional lemon drizzle! I often leave out the drizzle as it makes it a bit too sweet, but the cakes are so refreshing and divine!! You have to try them out! Enjoy baking.

A few days ago I pulled up at the traffic light as the lights turned red. Hand break up, foot rested I noticed a car on my left speed right past the light like he was superman himself. As soon as the that happened the eye candy of a police officer that was neatly settled […]

Today we’re baking some sinfully delightful brownies. Actually scratch that. These are horrible. At least I think so. I’m not very good at brownies, they are not my favourite things to eat, but I tend to bake them rather well. However I’m not so sure of this batch! I included the ingredients below just so […]

Hello Again! Its Friday so let’s bake! I have two cousins coming over to spend the holiday weekend with me and I had been ruminating on what to cook for these teenage ladies. Whilst my options on savory items varied, my choice of these caramel chocolate-chip cookies did not, and once you try this recipe […]

Caramel Sauce makes for a wonderful twist in recipes, there are two common methods, the one below, and the evaporated milk method. Ingredients; 125g granulated sugar 40 mls water 125 mls double cream 1 tsp vanilla extract 40g unsalted butter