She is very bossy! That is a statement that we hear so often in regard to women, we often say those words so carelessly as though the characteristics that make her ‘bossy’ are not often encouraged in young boys. I read Sheryl Sandberg’s highly acclaimed book ‘lean in’ and after reading it I felt invigorated. […]

Hello friends! Sorry if I’ve been AWOL for a few days. I went away for the long weekend, and I’ve come back with lots of photos! Along with few friends from church, I went to the annual big church day out festival at Winston House! It was a fun packed weekend and I wish I […]

Hello Friends!! You got it right, its bake day friday! This is my take on the traditional lemon drizzle! I often leave out the drizzle as it makes it a bit too sweet, but the cakes are so refreshing and divine!! You have to try them out! Enjoy baking.

A few days ago I pulled up at the traffic light as the lights turned red. Hand break up, foot rested I noticed a car on my left speed right past the light like he was superman himself. As soon as the that happened the eye candy of a police officer that was neatly settled […]

Revenge is a dish best served cold is common saying. Most children have grown up hearing adults say this and most grown ups agree with this saying most ardently. I on the other hand have never been one to go searching for an opportunity to payback someone who had wronged me. Unfortunately, I cannot say […]

Dear Diary, 14/5/15 I had a bad day yesterday! Like a very bad day. Once I left work, I headed of to Waitrose to get my favourite tub of Oppo ice cream, but lo and behold I ended up purchasing more items than required. I thought I’d promised to never go shopping hungry or angry.

Today we’re baking some sinfully delightful brownies. Actually scratch that. These are horrible. At least I think so. I’m not very good at brownies, they are not my favourite things to eat, but I tend to bake them rather well. However I’m not so sure of this batch! I included the ingredients below just so […]