I recently read Five Love Languages – Singles Edition, and it was a rather enlightening read. I have often passed by the original book in bookstores and ignored it as I was aware it was written for married couples, however once I read a sample on my kindle app, I knew I had to read […]

Let’s talk about rejection. Rejection is not necessarily about the person rejecting you it’s about you and how we feel and interpret the obvious ‘NO’. I hate rejection, as it reminds me that although I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m not their shot of whiskey either. As a writer, I often find that each […]

I like to think of myself as a tactile person. Touch after all is one of the love languages. However, there are many times that I find touch is not necessary. I was sat next to an acquaintance a while back when his hand suddenly went onto my face, and I froze, afraid I may […]

A few days ago, I noticed a police officer driving on his own in an official car. I had to look closer, to examine the situation, yet I was right, he was in fact alone. I found that to be strange scenario because just like turtle doves, police officers often come in pairs; companionship is […]

We all know that person; that person that cannot just hold their tongue. Nope, not the foot in mouth person! Instead, the one in your mind which always seems to be wagging a finger. The one who always has something critical to say; about your hair, your shoes, the way you dress, you relationships, your […]

I recently stumbled upon the photo of a beautiful couple who had recently celebrated 40years of marriage. As a admired the wife, I was convinced that she couldn’t be a day above 40, but Lo and behold she was only a few years shy of 60. As I perused their photos further, I observed the […]