Thank you to those of you who have supported this blog over the past few months. When I released my welcome post, I did not forsee this milestone. I did not think I would have reached it so soon either. This blog was birthed in a moment of courage after years of fear, a step […]

Today’s post is going to be rather short. But I felt the need to write it after seeing the photo above. The moment I saw it, I paused, gave thanks and attempted to continue scrolling through my Instagram timeline. However, something within me did not permit me to do so. Instead, I began to reflect […]

‘Nigeria we hail thee.’ That is how the original Nigerian anthem began; my mum always preferred that version; probably because she grew up singing it and could identify with it. I recently looked up this version, the one she would sing from memory with a smile on her lips and a glint in her eyes. […]