There is a well known parable of the pious monk who served God and did all that he could to live righteously. The devil wanted to make him fall, so he sent the following demons his way; lust, anger, malice, lies, greed, alcohol and gambling, yet he stood firm. The demons then returned to the […]

I have read the ‘book of Job’ several times in my life. It has been my go to book during trying times. When times seem hard and difficulties abound, I reach for Job. I study his life, his friends, his wife and his victory. Yet in all the years that I have reached for Job, […]

she called me beautiful, it sounded like a question; how dare I be mistaken as a beauty? it was an accusation, I had no right to be so audacious. she called me beautiful my origin was in question, my skin had not been scorched perhaps my blood was diluted? Africa must not have birthed me. […]

Hello Friends! In celebration of the 100th Post, I have decided to host a sweepstake!! Join in for a chance to win a copy of the book ‘Daughters Who Walk this Path’. Why did I choose this book? Because I love the phrase; ‘Afurum gi N’anya‘ and because it was a beautifully written tale of […]

Not all akara’s are made equal. The cook differs. The oil differs. The beans differs. The method differs. The taste differs. Since the purchase of my new food processor, I have been privileged to blend, grind, chop and puree all sorts of ingredients. I am convinced that any modern day Nigerian homemaker must own a […]