I dedicate this poem to all the women who declared 2015 to be the year of Bae or The One. Please, if the one you found or the one who found you is a clown, Hear word now! RUN. 2016 is another year . That moment he says something that makes you want to stop […]

Before the year ends and the 2015 round up closes, I would like to share the top 10 posts of the year. Ranked 1-10 in order of most views, I am elated each time a post is loved and shared. Do you want to know something else I love? Comments! So leave a few of […]

Tell me a secret a secret about me tell me something about me that I do not know show me the things I do not see What about my presence makes you smile what about my voice lifts your heart come here, come closer I’ll bring my ears in to hear you whisper my name […]

This post is ice cream related! As I’m sure, you know that ice-cream drama is my go-t0 bad-day food. Calories have never tasted better than in ice cream and cake is too heavy to eat when you’re crying. Ain’t nobody got time for that. However, I found ice-cream that I ran to over and over again, and tears […]

watch out for the happy ones, they cry themselves to sleep look out for the courageous one he is the one who fears all heights take care of the dependable one he has no helper to run to beware of the honest one she has the most secrets to hide have you met the encourager […]

I can’t believe today is the 25th of December! The year seems to have come and gone as a ‘coup de foudre’ . Here is wishing you a wonderful Christmas and hoping you were able to share love those around you. Remember, Christ as the reason for the season! Don’t stop giving. Make sure you […]

Solape is crying, she said her lover is gone Solape is weeping she said he came and took it all She said she’s leaving the land of the living Solape said she’ll marry but never love again Solape is crying, she asked her lover to return Solape is saying they shared an eternal bond Solape […]

Where are you really from; my answer, Nigeria. His response, “you are better off here”, my retort, nothing. Nothing because I cannot yell, I cannot scream. I cannot at the top of my lungs speak about the sickness that ails me and my inability to speak my words. Better off here? Better off where? Better […]

the law of shut-up is not hard practice it often, and you will become a master shut-up every day and you’ll see the law of shut-up will set you free not all things need to be said not all offences must we tell a friend when this law is part of you others will learn […]

Over the past year, I have realised that there are many things I thought I wanted that I truly have no desire for. There are many dreams I thought I had, some were never really mine, and some were mine but have evolved as I have grown older. Two days ago I had a bad day at […]

Tell them I’m still here Tell them that I am still breathing Tell them that I still fear Yet my feet are still moving Tell them you did not find me there lost among the shadows Tell them the vacuum did not overtake me Tell them I did not dwell there Tell them I smiled […]

“We are unutterably alone essentially, especially in the things most intimate and most important”- Rainer Maria Rilke. I came across the quote above about a decade ago. I was a teenager learning about poetry, as I read Letters to a young poet. It struck me at the time that Rilke felt that we were all alone in our […]

I have often joked to my family and friends that if I were to marry a Nigerian man he may likely be from the South/South Eastern parts of Nigeria. Why? I haven’t the faintest idea. However, I recently came across an article by Vera Ezimora where she satirically discussed the issues that may arise when Yoruba’s […]

Let us talk about love today. In recent times, I have heard people, females mostly claim to have lost the love of their lives, declaring they loved once and will never love again. These people all claim that ‘the one’ came and left and there will not be another ‘one’. However, when you listen to their stories, […]

30 before 30 I always assumed I’d write a 25 before 25 list and although I wrote one down in my mind, I never actually did in reality. It is too late for a 25 before 25, but I have ample time to achieve a 30 before 30. So here we go; 1. Visit all […]

Hello friends! Here we go, the 2015 round-up begins. A post a day throughout December. 2015 in retrospect! Today’s post; the year in pictures. I have gone through all my albums and chosen the pictures that made me smile. These moments were not necessarily the only highlights of my year but they are the moments […]