What a year it has been! Indeed what a year it has been. Before I realised what what’s happening, 2016 had reached its half way mark and I was asked by olatoxic to review my progress. You can read my half way review here if you missed it in July!

2016 has truly been an awesome year and I am grateful to God for that. So here are the top 5 Damiloves moments of 2016. I hope you did not miss out on them but if you did, stick around today as I summarise the posts that made you smile, laugh and talk.

My plan to read the Bible twice certainly worked with the help of the ‘Bible in 90 days’ plan on the YouVersion Bible App. You Should check it out.
I hope you stick around with me in 2017. I have something new brewing; it’s an interview series broadcasting young Christian business women based on the bible verse proverbs 31:16. If you have any women in mind who would like to share their story as a Christian-business woman, send me their details at (damilola@damiloves.com).

So here we go the defining moments of 2016 here at damiloves.com

1. Most read post of the year
To marry an Igbo man still takes the lead, as it did last year. It would appear that intertribal marriages are still a hot topic and people want a varied amount of opinions on the subject. However What are you putting up your vagina came closely behind after all, we women need to be careful about what we put into our bodies. There really is no way to summarise that post, you have to read it for yourself.

2. Post with the most comments
Great Nigerian women who defied the other room, wins this award. I wrote it after president Buhari stated that his wife belonged in the home not in the public eye. I enjoyed reading about Nigerian women who stood tall and spoke up about issues relating to the welfare of their peers. Women who showed that a woman has a place in the public eye, the conference room, and the other room if she wishes. This is a good post if you appreciate women who left an indelible mark in history, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

3. Post with tthe most number of shares
This award goes to ‘sons of the sun‘. I loved writing this and I believe people enjoyed reading it. It was my attempt to convey to an African man that the women in his life needed him more than he realised. Do share it too. Let someone know that they are needed in more ways than they realise.

4. The Blog award
Many thanks to Ufuo of Ufuomaee.orgfor nominating me for this award. Blogging has been such an eye opening experience. It has brought me in touch with so many wonderful people, it has improved my skill set and broadened my world view. I’m also glad we get to give each other awards as well. You can read my full acceptance for the blogger recognition award here

5. The tag
When Funke Olotu of funkeolotu.com tagged me in the TMI tag I had a mini panic, but then I completed the tag, and it was so much fun. You can read the full thing here.

I hope you enjoyed this review, did you review your 2016? What were your highs? Did you have any lows? Any big plans for 2017? Do share them below.

I’ll see you in 2017, by God’s grace
Until next time, Dami loves life 💋

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