Over the past few weeks, I have become aware of how many relationships come to an end. Family relationships, friendships and romantic entanglements, even work relationships. Many times, we assume the feelings of others based on our incorrect presumptions. We need to remember that our feelings belong to us and us alone. Assuming that others […]

Hello friends!! I have begun the #cookNigeriachallenge, as you know, I have decided to cook a  new Nigerian soup once month this year. I will kick off the challenge by cooking one of the most loved soups across the southern tribes of Nigeria. Egusi. Who knew that Egusi was cooked in different ways by Igbo’s?

I ran into this website called PMS Package, yesterday. The company provides women with a monthly PMS package. The package tends to contain things like snacks, and comfy clothing. The aim is to make the PMS experience less severe. I laughed as I went to the site, yet I knew it was a genius idea, bound […]