Hello Friends, February is almost over and as a result, I am bringing you my most recent attempt in the #cookNigeriachallenge Okay ‘na wa’ for Banga soup the extensive research that went into the creation of one pot of soup had no rivals. Friends have suggested that I reduce the intense fervour with which I […]

I saw the video below, and I realised how deeply ingrained in us the idea of witchcraft is. I have often been fascinated by the African focus on the spiritual; we seem to blame everything on ‘witches and wizards’. I have more often than not wandered what may happen if we (Africans) took responsibility for […]

Angry black woman Tell me what are you angry about Is it the colour of your skin? Strong and un-ageing like an onyx? Is it the texture of your hair Long and rising like the Phoenix Is it the years of wasted toil suffering and sweating on cottons floors Is it the wails of a […]

One day you will forgive yourself One day you will look at your scars and have no regrets The day is coming when those scars will fade When all the pain of yesterday will be nothing but a distant memory One day you’ll learn that sorrow paved a way That day you’ll find pain was […]

One week ago, celebrated Nigerian photographer TY Bello posted photos on Instagram account from her photoshoot with rapper Tinie Tempah. There was a woman who was hawking her wares, she was selling ‘Agege bread’ on the streets of Lagos, and her image was coincidentally captured alongside Tinie Tempah. TY Bello coined her ‘beautiful miss x’, […]