Hello, friends! I am at it again, so sorry March found me without a #cooknigeriachallenge post. March was very busy, and then Rome came calling. I’ll tell you about that later! I planned on cooking Onunu as it was the original inspiration behind this challenge, but then Dooney’s blog happened. I was preparing to cook […]

I was recently in the Sistine Chapel; it was a visit that was a decade in the making. As I walked in there, I was elated. As a teenager, I always wanted to see Michaelangelo’s creation that was the ceiling of the Chapel. It took him four years to paint that ceiling. It took a […]

Sitting at a table on the pavement in St. Peter’s square, I was enjoying my lemon tart as I heard a couple begin to squabble over the bill. Their young son who could not have been up to 6 years old promptly said ‘stop stop let’s not start a fight’. And you know what, he […]