What a year it has been! Indeed what a year it has been. Before I realised what what’s happening, 2016 had reached its half way mark and I was asked by olatoxic to review my progress. You can read my half way review here if you missed it in July!

Hello, friends, I recently had a conversation with some friends on moral dilemmas and how we all approach such situations differently. As a result, I have brought you 5 common moral dilemmas that we all need to consider and answer. Some of them may appear political, but most things are in the 21st Century. So it […]

I recently heard that Linda Ikeji, Nigerian mega-blogger reportedly stated emphatically that she could not be with a man who was not successful. Several women proceeded to chastise her of the words expressed explaining that all men will attempt to stifle their wives. As a result, she was advised that her financial success was not […]