In honour of the new series, ‘virtuous enterprise’ and the recent interview with Tobi Oredein founder of Black Ballad, I am giving away a ‘six month subscription to Black Ballad’. What does this free membership provide you?  A six month membership to Black Ballad Unlimited access to all Black Ballad articles, podcasts & video content […]

When Tobi Oredein founder and CEO of Black ballad’ responded to my email, I knew God was certainly in my favour. She responded positively with such kindness that I was taken aback. You see Tobi is the founder of what is soon becoming the UK’s leading lifestyle destination for black British women.

I recently heard a well educated Nigerian woman discuss her circumcision on TV. She explained that she was circumcised on the seventh day of her birth the same way the male children were. Upon further enquiry, she explained that circumcision was emphatically not the same thing as female genital mutilation. I was not sure about […]