30 before 30


I always assumed I’d write a 25 before 25 list and although I wrote one down in my mind, I never actually did in reality. It is too late for a 25 before 25, but I have ample time to achieve a 30 before 30. So here we go;

1. Visit all the continents (not necessarily antarctica)
2. Speak Yoruba fluently
3. Go bungee jumping
4. Go skydiving outdoors
5. Publish at least two books
6. Buy/ build a house
7. Give my parents an invaluable gift (to be fair I know they want grandchildren, but that is kind of out of my control really )
8. Knit a sweater for someone else
9. Fly a helicopter/ aeroplane
10. Learn to swim
11. Climb a mountain
12. See the 7 wonders of the New world
13. Fly in a hot air balloon
14. Run a half-marathon
15. Visit India
16. Go on a safari
17. Plant a tree
18. Make a quilt
19. Cook all the Major Nigerian Soups
20. Read all the books published by Wole Soyinka (working on my library)
21. Sew a dress
22. See the Northern lights
23. Go on pilgrimage to Israel
24. Find and use my spiritual gift
25. Attend a theology class
26. Read the Bible 10 times (cover to cover)
27. Read the Qur’an
28. See the Sistine Chapel
29. Float in the Dead Sea (not a repeat of this)
30. Have a prayer partner

There it is, my 30 things to do before thirty! What is on your bucket list?