Hello, friends, I recently had a conversation with some friends on moral dilemmas and how we all approach such situations differently. As a result, I have brought you 5 common moral dilemmas that we all need to consider and answer. Some of them may appear political, but most things are in the 21st Century. So it is over to you, will you take a stand or sit on the fence?

1. Male Circumcision
As a Nigerian, circumcision is standard practice. The presence of foreskin in men is not the norm, however, in western cultures, circumcision is not standard practice. Some even class it as an assault on children, similar to female circumcision. The medical benefits of it are debated, and it is no longer Paramount to the Christian faith; although it is important in Jewish and Muslim practice. So what do you think? Yes or no to male circumcision?

What do you think?

2. Abortion
This is one of those subjects that people see as black and white until they are thrown into the grey by the unfortunate circumstance of life. In the western world, abortion is used as a family planning strategy, in the U.K. the fetus in the womb has no legal rights whatsoever. However, I am referring to the situation of life and death. When pregnancy puts the life of the mother at risk, or when doctors have to choose whom to save. Which will you choose? Mother or Child?

What will you do?

3. Your friends cheating partner
I have often remained on the fence on this subject, so I pose it to you. If you know that your friend’s future husband is engaged in an affair will you tell her? Will you be willing to be the one that breaks up the relationship, or worse be ostracised because she chooses to stay with the philanderer?

Will you tell her?

4. Organ Donation
Do you donate blood? If you are in the western world, are you on the organ donor register? If your sibling needed a kidney or a new heart to live to would you not want them to have one? Have you considered what benefits your kidney provides you when you are in the afterlife? Is organ donation a yes for you, a no, or do you not know enough about it?

Will (do) you donate

5. Suicide and Euthanasia
This is another life and death dilemma. What do you feel about a person choosing to end his or her own life? As a Christian I believe life is sacred, but what about you? How do you feel about a person choosing to be free of this temporal world? Some cities in the U.S.A. and in Switzerland have deemed euthanasia legal, what do you think of that. Do you believe that there is always something to live for?

What do you think?

Over to you. Did I miss any dilemmas out? If so, please share them in the comments below.

Do not be a ghost reader! Love it, or hate it please leave a comment below.

Until next time xx


Prophet Jeremiah by Michelangelo

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