I recently heard that Linda Ikeji, Nigerian mega-blogger reportedly stated emphatically that she could not be with a man who was not successful. Several women proceeded to chastise her of the words expressed explaining that all men will attempt to stifle their wives. As a result, she was advised that her financial success was not good for a relationship. I thought this was interesting advice, and I have proceeded to give you advice on five things to do if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of making more money than your man.

1. Do not treat yourself
Please, if you like a pair of shoes, do not buy it oh! Never do that, he will think you are frivolous because you have money, or worse, he will believe you are boastful. If you need a new laptop or want to drink water; do not buy it. Do you hear me? Do not buy it.

2. Do not buy him expensive gifts
How could you even suppose that buying him a well thought out gift was a good idea. Why would you want to buy him a wristwatch that may last three generations? Please protect your relationship and buy only cheap gifts. Did you hear me, cheap gifts only!

3. Do not ask him for help with housework
What are you thinking about? Do not forget that you are the woman! How could you suppose that he will want to wash the bathroom, hoover or worse wash his mug? If you do so, he will think you want to be the man in the relationship. Remember you are not a man.

4. Do not offer to manage bills
How could you possibly think that because you can afford to pay bills, you should suggest helping out? If the debt collectors are at your door every day, please don’t say you’ll pay some of the bills. If you do, they will say you are disrespectful and proud. Don’t even consider it. Instead give him your paycheck each time it arrives, tell him it is his money.

5. Do not give him career help
If you are aware of someone who can help him up the career ladder; do not say a word. He will think that you are changing his hustle. Do not attempt to stifle his hustle; that is his role.

Remember, a woman is supposed to help, not to be in authority. Obviously, suggesting he becomes a househusband is just ludicrous. Consider the options above and save your relationship. A mans Ego is real, it is your job to manage it, polish it, and exalt it.

Over to you! Hate it or love it, leave a comment below.
Disclaimer- these thoughts do not belong to me, it was my feeble attempt at satire; though it may contain some points that need to be considered.

Until next time xx

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