An open letter to my body, day 13 of the 30 Day Open Letter Challenge
Dear body,

From the crown of your head to the sole of your feet you were made by God. Yet I ridicule you and blame you, I hurt and deprive you, I’m sorry. I have accused you from the get go, I have said your skin is not smooth enough, toned enough or clear enough. I have scrubbed you too hard, yet I have not moisturised you enough. I complain about your faults but when the root cause analysis is completed the fault lies solely with me. I have refused to flaunt you in public. Saying; ‘who wants to see that?’ I won’t wear a bikini, cause you have stretch marks, you don’t have a washboard belly, and mosquito bite scars are real, so what’s the point?

Dear body, I have covered your face in makeup, enlarging your eyes with mascara, your birthmark I have tried to hide cause they teased me when I was young. ‘Who wants to have a huge mole on their face?’ Dear body they called us ‘mole’ when we were young. Tell me why are your lips so full?
Even as an adult, your weight is always an issue! “Why so skinny?” They ask, yet I haven’t been on a diet.

When heaven was giving out boobs, thighs and backsides, you were left out. I complain about that, yet dear body I won’t even do one squat or a single lift. Dear body I’m sorry I don’t go to the gym as I should, or eat as much fibre as I should, my eyes and tongue long for the sweeter side of life. Dear body I apologise for the ways I have mistreated you, I seem to have never realised that the momentary relief and pleasure would have detrimental effects in the future.

Dear body, I cannot promise to be perfect, but I promise to try harder. I promise to try to eat better and exercise more regularly. I promise to take better care of your largest organ, ‘your skin’. To protect it and treasure it. I promise to be appreciative, because I know that you are in fact perfect, and given to me from a God who is perfect Himself.

Dami loves