Agbalumo ice cream

This post is ice cream related! As I’m sure, you know that ice-cream drama is my go-t0 bad-day food. Calories have never tasted better than in ice cream and cake is too heavy to eat when you’re crying. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
However, I found ice-cream that I ran to over and over again, and tears were not the reason to indulge. Zobo and Agbalumo ice-cream! Yes! You heard correctly! During my 3.5 days stay in Lagos. I visited ‘Hans and Rene’ three times in three days to have their novelty sorbets! Agbalumo is my favourite of the local Nigerian fruits, and seeing as it was not in season when I was at home, the sorbet alternative did the trick. How innovative is that! Yes, you may say people around the world have been doing that with local produce for years, but it has not been happening in Nigeria! We often complain we do not celebrate ‘home grown’ enough, well here you are! Agbalumo ice cream that tastes like Agbalumo and Zob0 ice cream that tastes like Zobo. The Lavender Ice Cream from Nice has nothing on this! And neither does Oppo, though I’ll still run to it on bad days seeing as ‘Hans and Rene’ is nowhere in sight!

So yes! I indulged and the only thing I bought during my stay in Nigeria? Yes you read that right it was ice-cream and I loved every single scoop! Till I come your way again, I’ll be re-living the memory of Agbalumo and Zobo ice-cream. What’s your favourite flavour of Ice-Cream

Until next time! Dami loves Ice-Cream.