image credit: madame noire

image credit: madame noire

Angry black woman
Tell me what are you angry about
Is it the colour of your skin?
Strong and un-ageing like an onyx?
Is it the texture of your hair
Long and rising like the Phoenix
Is it the years of wasted toil
suffering and sweating on cottons floors
Is it the wails of a generation
Who never got to see the sun

Tell me, what are you angry about?

Is it the blood of your sons staining the dirty streets
Or the way of your brothers in choosing the fairer breeds
Is it the birth of colonisation, killing your future seed
Or the sight of your sister, running from her very own skin

They said you were angry I said they had no clue
They called you angry; I said they would be too
They called you angry I said it wasn’t fair
They called you angry; I said I was angry too