30 Day Open Letter Challenge; Day 18; A letter of your choice; A Bad Date Poem

image credit; THINKPHYNK.com

image credit; THINKPHYNK.com

Dear Bad Date;

You kept me waiting for an hour
You gave long stories, so I stayed sour
You looked at me with puzzled eyes
My weight the subject of many why’s

We saw the ‘a movie’ I don’t know why
And yet my ticket, you could not buy
Your words like venom they aimed to kill
You do not think, before you spill

A man does this, a man does that
It is not a woman’s place to react
Do you surprise me? I cannot say
Women are subservient even on this day

I drove you home, you had no ride
You told me something, you used to hide
You said you loved me, when I was a child
The anger within me, started to run wild

I have no interest in your silly lines
I have no desire to give you any signs
I have no time to politely imply
So with no hesitation, I tell you goodbye

Dami loves

Dami Loves 2015

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