Day 22 of the 30 Day Open Letter Challenge; A letter to your bad habit
Dear Bad habits,
I wish you were like the song by Maxwell; in his case, he seems to hold on to his bad habits, but you’re not quite so desirable. Maxwell sings in his soulful voice; ‘I gotta break from you, break from you, break from you’. Dear bad habits we have to break up! Let’s face it; the fact that bad is in your name suggests that you are in fact no good. I find that you occur in a variety of ways that all seem to be secondary to laziness. I conquered one of your agents, and that was going to sleep with my make-up still on, and I think I’m up to the challenge of eradicating you completely. So let’s have a chat about your other friends and why I know ‘I gotta break from you’.

Will you forgive me?
I know you are a part of me that I am trying to cut off, but let’s face it, you have to go. Wide mouthed biting a burger right through, chewing with mouth not closed, not open but somewhere in between. That is not as a lady should do. Stop and chew then swallow on cue, gulping your food down is not the way to go.

Hello, we need to talk to your other friend, the one called late. Yes the alarm did go off. No I did not over sleep, I just happened to be late. Yes I did wake up at seven, as I should. Yet somehow I was late. Your friend late has some sneaky tricks, he reminds me to do a batch of laundry, to read another chapter in my morning study. He says; “another cup of coffee is not going to hurt. Why don’t you play some music whilst you take a shower, and get dressed?” Dear Mr. Late, I see you now, I have recognized all your tricks and it’s time for you to kindly go away.

I can’t control the feeling
Hello! Probably not what you’re thinking, but why do you make me feel sad when I say no. Yes it is a bad habit, and yes it is your fault. I know what my limits are, I know when I cannot make it, I know when I’m too tired to attend an event, yet you guilt trip me into saying yes. Why? Why do you do this? All of a sudden, I realize that perhaps the person on the other end of the line may be offended and instead I go the extra mile. Dear guilt, why can’t you visit them too? Perhaps you can suggest that I should not be the one responsible for overstretching all the time.

Dear guilt it’s time to stop the unnecessary punishment. I am allowed to say NO! I am permitted to do so. I was once told that I was generous with my time. I had initially thought that was a good thing, but I can see that at times it may be to my detriment. So guilt trip, this is where we part.

Dear bad habits, I do not mean to be so harsh. I do not intend to be unkind, it my desire to be clear and astute so I do not turn you into the quality of my character. So I bid you adieu in the hopes that we never meet again.

In freedom
Dami loves