Banga soup, DeltaHello Friends,

February is almost over and as a result, I am bringing you my most recent attempt in the #cookNigeriachallenge

Okay ‘na wa’ for Banga soup the extensive research that went into the creation of one pot of soup had no rivals. Friends have suggested that I reduce the intense fervour with which I am attempting to complete the #cooknigeriachallenge. While searching for a recipe, I accidentally walked into the comment section of a cooking blog where readers almost crucified the chef for cooking it the ‘Yoruba’ way. Then I had a little accident while attempting to buy Ogiri! And finally, I had to change my recipe of choice when I was expressly informed that using beef to cook Banga soup was unacceptable!

No, I did not pound the palm nuts myself. Instead I used palm oil concentrate and used Dooney’s recipe again! However, I left out the periwinkles because they are bottom feeders, and to be honest; I’m not about that life! So I used a combination of different ocean animals to add the ‘Orishirishi’ effect. Let us face it my dear brethren, this challenge has become more challenging than I initially thought it would be and I am beginning to feel that my Nigerian cooking should be limited to the following;

1. Jollof rice
2. Beans; this includes MoinMoin, adulu, akara and anything else
3. Ogbono and pounded yam
4. Eforiro and any carbohydrate
5. Agbalumo ice-cream because I don’t have to make everything

However, we are only in February, and I refuse to be a 2016 quitter, so here we go, the Deltan Banga soup. Sorry to my Igbo brothers and sisters who were expecting Ofe Oha! I still can’t find Oha leaves It seems my kitchen will be favouring Deltan’s this time!

That was the final result! Delicious as it was, the idea of eating palm oil, just did not sit so well with me and as a result I’m not a fan! However, the aroma of Banga soup is just so on point, that I may be inclined to cook it one more time to confirm my aversion!!

Banga soup, Delta

There we have it friends February completed! Ready to prep for March’s pot of Nkwobi!

Until next time! Dami loves cooking.