Not all akara’s are made equal. The cook differs. The oil differs. The beans differs. The method differs. The taste differs. Since the purchase of my new food processor, I have been privileged to blend, grind, chop and puree all sorts of ingredients. I am convinced that any modern day Nigerian homemaker must own a food processor to complete her kitchen. Today, I would like to discuss Akara, the ultimate fried bean cake.

Akara Osu- The Dooney Method

If you are Nigerian and don’t know Dooney’s Kitchen please visit her site today. She has redefined Nigerian cooking for the modern day homemaker. As a result, ‘gourmet moin-moin and kuli kuli fired chicken’ are part of my culinary dictionary. As a result of her tried and true twists of traditional recipes, I proceeded to try her Akara Osu recipe. It was a very simple recipe in actual fact. It gave my blender and neighbours a headache for a while, but they’ve forgiven me now. I loved the fluffy texture created by omiting water when blending the beans. I just wasn’t feeling the palm oil. The taste was heavy on my tongue, and hindered my enjoyment of this simple delicacy. So in true Dami style; I added a knorr cube, and fried it in sunflower oil instead! Voilà, it works!

Instant Akara Powder
After confessing to a dear friend and Christian sister that I was tired of making noise by blending beans with no added water, she brought me a solution. Instant Akara powder, dried, seasoned and ready to fry; just add water. I added some salt to the mixture and fried it in apprehension. To be fair to the batter, it was well seasoned, it fried easily and was was not time or equipment consuming. Although, the colour was not as bright, it was slightly pleasant to eat, and tasted like akara.


I confess I prefer the original method. Tried and true, fluffy, tasty, gas inducing as it may be! Tasty, fresh and easy to fry! Akara has to be the ultimate any time of day snack. I’ve taken Dooney’s advice on board, leave the water behind for moin moin!
There you have it! Akara the old fashioned way may be the best way after all!

Do you share you beans/Akara cooking endeavours below!
You know Dami loves cooking 🙂
Until next time!