30 Day Open Letter Challenge Day 27; A letter to your hero.
image credit; washington times
Dear Benjamin Carson,

I first encountered you Dr Ben Carson, when I was 11 years old, reading your book ‘Gifted Hands’, and I have never been so inspired. I have not actually met you Dr Carson and I probably never will, but every time I was asked as a child; ‘who inspires you?’, ‘who do you want to be like?’ I thought of you. So writing this letter to you today was a no brainer.

I am still amazed at your accomplishments. I am encouraged by your ability to overcome in the most adverse of circumstances. Reading your book ‘think big’, inspired me to always think outside the box. To become a a lateral thinker, expanding my horizons everyday.

I am impressed as you are thinking big, by expressing your intention to run for president of the United States of America. As male black neurosurgeon who has paved the way for so many behind, I salute you. You giving back to your community with the ‘Carson Scholars Programme’, shows your heart and the importance you place on the acquisition of knowledge.

Dear Dr Carson, I may not be a neurosurgeon, but I will definitely call you my hero!!