Image caption: take it to the Lord II by Henry Lee Battle

Image caption: take it to the Lord II by Henry Lee Battle

Dear best friend,

Thank you being you. Throughout my life, I always assumed that I will be surrounded by a bevy of friends. To walk the halls with and gossip about boys with, and that did happen in phases. But each time a season of my life was over, those friendships died. They all seemed to die natural deaths, whether it was school leaving or a change of location. I was never really tied down, to a place or to a friend, my soul never seemed to want to bring them along. I never poured out myself, how could I be best friends with them if there was no intimacy? If they could not tell what will make me happy or sad, what pushes my buttons and if I cannot tell what pushes theirs.

So I developed acquaintances and more acquaintances and as time went by, I dropped them down the wayside and they dropped me too. My heart may have been too guarded and my mind unbothered, perhaps I was going somewhere they could not go. They were heading someplace I could not go, and we parted well as old friends.
My walls have been built so high, how did you scale through? Did you burrow your way through? Did you fast and pray them down?

Dear best friend, you know yourself, bright as you are, open as you are, vulnerable as you are, you as you are. Like Aristotle said;
“what is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
I believe he was right, like a key fitting into a lock it was made for, and turtle doves finding each other. I can truly say my dear best friend that;

“I have found the one my soul loves” Song of Solomon 3:4

Your best friend
Dami loves