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Dear celebrities,

The list for this challenge says to write an open letter to a celebrity whom I despise, but I cannot think of a single one of your peers that I despise. However, I can think of something in the ‘celebrity culture’ that I despise. You’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong, but I just happen to be a common human observing your excesses and making opinions based on my understanding of what I see, so forgive me if I have misjudged you.

I woke up this morning to receive news that Bobbi Kristina died and my heart was heavy. I was not expecting her to recover after such a long coma, I was not expecting a miracle. But the circumstances surrounding her death at such a young age, so soon after the death of her own mother (Whitney Houston) is just tragic. Tragic because it seemed as though there was no one to protect her form suffering such a fate. Tragic because her mother’s alleged drug use would have been detrimental to her own development as a young lady. Tragic, because this goes to show that there is no amount of wealth or fame in the world that can fill an empty heart.

In the modern day we are so used to ‘instant celebrity’; a sex tape, a quick marriage, a divorce, a realty T.V. show, bad behaviour and drug use seem to be the winning formula. Social media and easy access to information has ensured that no one has any secrets. Yet, there are many of you who still manage to have an excellent career without a personal life displayed all over the media. After all;

“When made public, love rarely endures.” – Andreas Cappellanus

Many of your peers still excel without falling into the trap of substance misuse, they do so without smoking weed on red carpets! Dear celebrities; there has to be a better way.

This is for Bobbi Kristina; who was taken from this earth too soon. May your soul rest in perfect peace dear girl.