My relationship with happiness has taken a turn in recent times. I have always been aware that happiness is based on happenings.  However, joy is infinitely more stable. Joy is related to understanding our place in the Kingdom and understanding our purpose. While happiness is found in the day to day things, it is the feeling that helps us keep moving on the journey of life. Joy is in knowing the storm will end, but I am learning that happiness can be found in locating the beauty within the storm. Happiness is tasting the raindrops, it is dancing in the rain, it is watching the ripples and puddles, it is listening to melodious music in the crashing waves. It can also be seeing beauty in the mundane things, it is about perspective. Happiness is a choice to be made on a daily basis. You can choose to be happy!

There things in life that often attempt to steal your happiness. Sometimes they also attempt to steal your joy. I am not referring to witches and wizards as I wrote about a few weeks here. Instead, I am referring to those dear and near to us. The ones who surround us may be the ones who inadvertently distract us from the beauty that still exists in life. I learned this hard lesson recently, as one of the best days of 2016 almost became a day of misery because someone near and dear to me did not choose their words correctly. However, I chose happiness and started the new tag, ‘Musically Motivated Monday’s.

A colleague was recently lamenting about life, work and the misery that exists on earth. As I attempted to encourage him to see the half-full part of the glass he re-routed the conversation to the empty section. You will never feel joy and gladness if you all you are focused on is sorrow. It starts in your mind, you must decide to make it work. Aspire to lift yourself up. Aspire to dance and to celebrate when things seem dull. Try to inspire yourself when you feel stuck in a rot. Remember; life is truly what you make it. Aim to make it one that is full of happiness on a daily basis.

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I recently read an article on Ufuoama’s blog titled She made love again, and I was able to relate to the story in so many ways as some of my friends were. Sometimes we do not want to try anymore, and we may feel stuck in the darkness and sorrow becomes our habitation. Sometimes, the reality of the situation may discourage us from trying; yet if we are willing, it may just work out in our favor. You can read Ufuoma’s article here.

So remember as you get ready for another week, choose happiness. I cannot promise that it will make your life better, bu it may just make you feel a little bit lighter.

Until next time. Dami loves Happy!

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