On my last day in Rome, I decided to go shopping as I had a long list. I checked out of my hotel and booked my taxi to the airport. I then planned my journey to a local shopping mall as I was convinced I would avoid exorbitant tourist prices by shopping there. I took a cab and travelled 30 minutes to what was supposed to be Romes largest mall; Euroma 2. The taxi driver dropped me, waved goodbye and I walked in. Upon arrival at the doors, the security guard said they were closed! How was that even possible? I checked online! I checked their site! I checked Google! And he stated that they were closed! I asked for help to get a taxi! He said he didn’t use cabs! I was perplexed! My silly uber app wasn’t working, and I was stuck in the middle of a Roman highway! I don’t speak any Italiano!

image credit - world karma project

image credit – world karma project

So I began my trek, let’s face it, I have been in worse situations, remember the locksmith episode of 2014? If you missed that, read it here. As I walked, I saw a Burger King, but they were closed. However, next to it was a total petrol station and a lady was inside the shop. She spoke no English, but after saying the word taxi a few times, she picked up the phones signalled to call, I said ‘grazie’ and she made the call on my behalf. That remains the kindest thing anyone did for me on that trip.

It is funny how some people just choose to be kind. How they acknowledge the discomfort of another and decide to help in any way they can. You may think, oh well I would have found a taxi eventually. That is true, but if not for that lady, I would not have been able to to take a taxi to a different location to complete my shopping. My itinerary for the day would have been altered. I would have been stuck in the 28-degree heat walking aimlessly. Her kindness put me at ease, and that is the point of compassion and understanding. Often it doesn’t cost us anything, other than some time. A little bit of time to put someone else at ease. To make their burden a little lighter, to make their day a bit better. Kindness creates a ripple effect and encourages the next person to pay it forward.

When last were you kind to someone for a non-selfish reason? When did someone do something considerate on your behalf? Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness? Do you find it heartwarming when someone shows you love without expecting anything in return? Share your experiences below!

Until next time. You know Dami loves to chat.

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