Igbokwenu!! Hello Friends, hope you’re enjoying this beautiful month of May, the weather is nice, the people are nice and it appears wedding season is around the corner. I have made a visit to the Eastern Part of Nigeria for this instalment of #cooknigeriachallenge. Nkwobi is spicy crowfoot. Yes you read that right, Potash is used to curdle palmoil creating a delectable Igbo delicacy. 

My Igbo friends have given me a thumbs up for my effort, but I have to say it was an effortless fun recipe and I will happily cook it on demand for anyone who asks, if I like them though. All the ingredients were sourced easily at my local African-Food supply store. I used the recipe from ‘all nigerian recipes’ you can find the recipe here

It was my first time of cooking with Ehuru (Calabash Nutmeg), and I tell you its fragrance was simply beautiful. The Cows foot cooked quickly in the pressure cooker and the entire process was done in one hour, I was active in the kitchen for about 15minutes. Can you tell that I was very pleased.

For those of you who want to try an easy Nigerian recipe, this is it. Serve Nkowbi hot with a cold drink, and enjoy!!
Nkwobi Recipe

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Until next time. Dami loves Cooking

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