30 Day Open Letter Challenge; Day 24; A letter of your choice

Dear Cup of tea,
I know that this may come as a surprise to you. Why would I write a letter to my darling cup tea? This is supposed to be a lifestyle blog, not a drinks blog. However, dear cup of tea, you play an invaluable role in my day to day living, and I had to acknowledge your existence.

As I sit down and type this blog post, you are gently seated on a coaster on my desk. Today you are sweet ginger, but tomorrow you may be mint, green, red-bush or camomile. Do tell me, how do you achieve these great heights? A simple brew, and you soothe my nerves, bringing me home. Nerves, anxiety and fear some how dissipate in your presence. How do you stimulate and alert so many senses yet induce me into such a tranquil state?

Dear cup of tea, I will confess, I’d rather not have you in my morning mug. Coffee is reserved for that one cup. The morning grips me in such a way that something forceful has to do the job. It kicks me in the direction; out of bed to face the day. But my darling cup of tea, when coffee fails and is too strong, especially at the end of the day. Or on bad days, heart broken days, stressful moments, why the tears come, or PMS days, you come to retrieve me. When the coffee beans stimulate me a bit to far, you come to the rescue and refocus me so easily.

Dear cup of tea, I don’t know how you do it. I don’t think I want to know this science behind the deep mystery that overwhelms me each time I enclose my hands around you and inhale deeply. I just wanted to tell that you are special and have a place reserved in my heart, especially when you come with a slice of cake!

So my darling cup of tea, I love you, and I wanted the whole world to know.

Dami loves