30 Day Open Letter Challenge Day 29; a letter to my day
Dear Day;
The date is 03/07/2015.How do you do? I have contemplated the ways in which to write this open letter to you. I had thought that perhaps I should write this in advance so you knew what I wished for you. I assumed writing this letter as the day progressed may involve leaving too many variables to chance. However, I have chosen the latter and I write this halfway through my working day in the hopes that things may get better.

You see I woke up with a thank you to God on my lips for another sunny day. I was relived by the gentle drizzle of rain that cooled the remnants of the scorching heat wave. My working morning was unremarkable, that is better than bad to be fair. I received good news from my letting agents that I could come collect the keys for my new apartment. At this point dear day, I was over the moon.

Unfortunately, the yoke in my day came in form of a text. The contents of which I am afraid to tell. Dear day, you’ve been good so far, yet my emotions have gone to a place we don’t like. I wont say I’m moody, I won’t say I’m angry, I won’t say I’m caught up in my own affairs. Dear day, I think over all you’ve actually been a good day, and writing you this letter has soothed me. You have truly been a day of answered prayers and obvious revelation. I may have been so caught up in my displeasure that I would have missed the beauty you brought along.
You have shown me that things do happen as long as I believe. More importantly, have taught me that friends can reveal themselves in oddest of places, whilst the true colours of those masquerading as comrades, eventually come to light.

Dear day what more can I say? I hope the rest of today is swell!

Until the sun rises tomorrow!

Dami Loves