Dear Diary, 14/5/15
I had a bad day yesterday! Like a very bad day. Once I left work, I headed of to Waitrose to get my favourite tub of Oppo ice cream, but lo and behold I ended up purchasing more items than required. I thought I’d promised to never go shopping hungry or angry.
Upon reaching home I had a cup of tea and made a batch of brownies and that was a bad idea. The batch of Brownies was bad.

To be honest I don’t know why I made brownies. I don’t even like them and the challenge I had set myself failed and my misery prevailed. Was it the day, the brownies, or was it just me? That would have been a good time to pray but instead, I drowned my sorrows in that tub of Oppo and I ate the whole thing.

I know, I know it was bad! I should have gone for a run, eaten a salad, or written a poem but I dug into the ice cream and watched Cinderella yet again. Dear Diary I hate bad days, they’re like a heavy cloud waiting to ruin the day. They swallow up the joy of the days before and set the tone for the days to come. I’m happy I live a lone because my attitude may have been determined by my mood and that would not have been fair to others.

This morning feels better, I slept early last night, had breakfast this morning and had quiet time, I’m feeling bright. No more brownies for a long time.


PS: If you don’t know, Oppo make some amazing guilt free ice-cream. They call it Luxury, and I’ll have to agree