30 day open letter challenge. Day 30: letter of your choice. An open letter to my dreams
Dear dreams;

I cannot recall when I stopped chasing after you. I don’t know how I began to think you won’t come true. I cannot remember the moment I thought you were simply the result of non-existent fairy dust. I would like to say today, that I am sorry. For the times, I ignored you. For the time I thought you were too good to be tue. For the time, I gave up after I had promised to make you come true. For the times, I complained that you were a childish thought. Most importantly for the times I was so scared of failure that it hindered me from running with you.

You see, I think I grew up like I was supposed to do. I became an adult, and that doesn’t happen in one moment. Becoming an adult occurs as a result of a series of life events and choices. Events that exposed me to the cruelty of the world, which showed me the pain and suffering that exists here. I began to witness people who had only dreams, the ‘dreamers’ with nothing to show for it. I saw people whose dreams had come true and stopped dreaming anymore. I started to see people who found that their dreams where in fact not their own. Unfortunately, I saw some whose dreams had become their worst nightmare. I think as I evolved into adulthood, I grew out of believing in you.

But should I tell you something, I thought of you today, and how I used to dream. I thought of how some of the desires from my childhood are evident today. While so many of them, have withered and gone away. I began to think dear dreams that I should ask you to come back to me again.

My sweet dreams, I wish for you to come again. With the fervency, you did when I was young. I wish you would fill my mind and heart with endless possibilities and stir within me the desire to be better. You see I never did believe in fairy dust but I always believed that dreams could be made a reality. I believed that you dear dreams would come true if I set my mind to making it so. I don’t know if I pushed you away because I was scared of failure, or became cynical. I’m not quite sure if you stopped visiting me because I didn’t pay you enough attention. I promise I’ll try not to do so again.

Dear dream maker, and Spirit of inspiration and truth, send me dreams again and give me a chance to change. See I started a blog! And I’ve started to write again. That’s a step in the right direction, with so much left to gain. I am convinced that to dream like a child is to dream completely, and this is what I’m set to do.

That is all for today. Until I dream again.

Dami Loves