30 Day open letter challenge Day 25; An open letter to someone who regularly upsets you.
Dear You,

Yes You! No, not her, you! Yes, over here, let’s have a chat. I am sorry that you ended up receiving this letter today but you see, when I read who the recipient of todays open letter should be, my mind went to you first. My subconscious eyes saw your face and my ears heard the sound of your voice and so here we go.

I’m certain you are unaware of the variety of emotions I go through when around you. It seems, that like nature you abhor a vacuum, and your opinions must be vocalised to fill the empty space. I have never observed you refuse to speak, I have never witnessed you holding your tongue. Whether right, whether wrong, your objections are echoed throughout every room. My head hangs low when I see you around, do you notice my head as it’s bowed? I cannot engage, I refuse to participate, I breathe patiently to diffuse my rage.

To argue with you will be a fools game, so I bite my tongue and close my eyes. The room is silent, yet you speak so loud, the voices of those I wish to hear, are muffled by your endless groaning. Although I cross to the opposite side of the road when I see you, I often smile as I do that. Let me tell you why.

I am rather opinionated myself. I often like to be heard, but in recent years I’ve been learning; that there is more wisdom in listening than in speaking. As the proverb says; ‘even a fool appears wise when he stays silent’. So these days, I often find myself refusing to make a sarcastic retort. Especially to comments that are written. This is why I have decidedly chosen to avoid entering a war of words with you, it’s all the sake for self preservation.

So dear you, thank you for giving me a chance to verbalise my varied emotions today on this platform. I know you’ll never read this, but I truly do feel better now.

Dami loves