I recently came across a quote from a Christian woman and author who had this to say about the feminist movement. Dr Kirsten Birkett said; “Feminism is a selfish movement with no sustainable philosophy, a fabricated history, and an incoherent morality. It does not bring freedom and fulfilment for women, and it will not right injustices. Many of us in this world rightly feel anger and sorrow at the terrible lives women all over the world can face; poverty and starvation in some places, violence and abuse almost everywhere. The answer is not to become more selfish. That can only make injustice worse.”

After reading her statement, I stopped to ponder what she was insinuating and the probability that women have it all wrong. I asked my Christian friends what they thought on the subject, and I found two categories of women.

Absolute feminists
The first set explained that feminism applied in the home and at work, they said that a wife had no primary role and caring for children, the home and other domestic chores were of equal responsibility. These women also clearly stated that submission was an unacceptable construct that would only be considered if all their needs were met. According to these women, their function outside the home determined their fiction within it. A CEO wife was not expected to make dinner at 7 pm when she gets home; it was not acceptable.

The second set of women were of the opinion that feminism had a role in the board room and humanism at home. These women believed vigorously and firmly in the headship of men in the home, genuine respect and submission. These women explained to me that though they wanted to be superwoman in their career, they wanted to fully fulfil the role of wife and mother in the home. These women struggled with the word feminism as they explained it had a way of demoralising men and labelling men as chauvinist and they did not approve of such criticism.

Is it rebellion?
I have heard many Christian women state that feminism is an open rebellion against God’s design for gender roles and the structure of the home. However, these women went to university and held jobs that they would not have been able to hold 100years ago if not for the feminist movement. So which way is it? How could you enjoy that privilege yet criticise the source? Is that not biting the hand that feeds you?

Still a child of God
So if you believe in God and serve Him, how does feminism apply? The Bible clearly states that when serving God, gender is irrelevant. I suppose this means that if a woman were submitted to God, then she would see life through His eyes. Based on my interpretation of this, wouldn’t that mean she would seek for fairness, peace and justice? Isn’t that the root source of feminism? Obviously, there are several kinds of feminists the same way there are different denominations of a Christian, my question remains this; can’t we all just get along?

can’t we get along

Home not work
I believe that a woman can be a powerhouse at work and a wife at home. I believe a woman has a right to choose what life path she chooses to take. I believe that balancing career and family is possible at certain levels. I believe it is important for the girl child to see women who achieve greatness in and out of the home. I have discussed the battle between choosing home over work on my article here.

It remains a matter of choice
If a woman chooses not to be married, I believe she has a choice to do so. Paul who preached submission in marriage encouraged men and women to live as singles because they will have choice and freedom to serve God and live their lives. This is the entire point of feminism, a woman’s right to choose her life trajectory, and that includes being a stay at home mum. It is as simple as that. If a man is allowed to choose, a woman should be awarded that same opportunity, after all, we are made equal in the image of a perfect God.

Over to you!
What do you think? Does God hate feminists? Is it a sign of a rebellious generation? Should women just revert to being illiterate and stay at home to take care of the children? Is balancing home and work possible?

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Does God hate feminism?

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