You said you’d pray for me when no one else could.
Emi Mimo you said that when my heart was too heavy,
Each time my lips were too tired to speak,
My arms were weak from the tasks I took on too quick,
Emi Mimo you said it was ok, you understood all my needs.

When I did not speak afraid no one was listening,
When no one was listening when all I did was speak,
You were always listening, I never had to speak.
When I was surrounded by strangers, family and friends,
And the hollow drums pulled me deeper into their loneliness,
Emi Mimo, you reached out; even in the silence, I could always find you there.

When the power of my voice was failing and my little strength proved weak
When I was restless and my actions were trying so hard to speak
When my silence was the evidence of lost and broken dreams
When my eyes became heavy from the tears of repeated sins
I felt your presence, I felt your warmth
Your name is comfort, you gave me love.
Emi Mimo you taught me how to pray, you taught me how to seek.
Emi Mimo you taught me that battles were first won on my knees.

The days are passing they do not wait,
My will is breaking, it’s yours I’ll take.
In my daily movements, it’s your steps I take,
Emi Mimo on this I’m waiting, waiting for you to speak.
I will not move until you speak,
Emi Mimo I will do nothing, say nothing until I hear you speak.

  • DamiLoves

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