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30 Day Open Letter Challenge Day 23; An open letter to my best quality.
Dear best quality,
I felt strange as I began to write this letter to myself. But then I realized, I was not writing to myself, I was writing to you, a part of me. It then made it easier to put pen to paper and confess what I feel about you. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure whether or not you were my best quality. I was enamoured by the number of things that came to my mind when I read the letter required for tomorrow’s post, ‘worst habit’. But when I saw ‘best quality’ I paused, I was unsure of how to approach, because I wasn’t sure of who you were. But when it finally clicked it became obvious that you had in fact been right here all along. And it was you that permits me to assess my self as thoroughly as I do. So I had to acknowledge you above all other traits.

So dear emotional intelligence, hello, this is Dami and I would like to have a chat. I would like to thank you for developing the way you have, I feel like you are a qualification that I did not study to achieve. I often wished you had arrived sooner so I would not have suffered the way I did in the past. I was often unsure of what I was feeling and why I was responding in certain ways. Afraid to write about the thoughts I was having. But then, you came along, and like a ray of sunshine you made all things visible and clear, helping me tackle each wave of emotion that hits like the drops of rain. Yet, whenever I’m unsure of what to do with the rain drops, you remind me to set them aside in a pool and take a nap. That nap always works.

I would like to thank you for not just ensuring that I am aware of how I feel, but for also ensuring that I understand why I feel when I do. I appreciate the fact that you slowly expose me to the fact that perhaps my reaction is not as a result of the stimuli, but is often based on my interpretation of it. I thank you for ensuring that I am always able to communicate these feelings to others. Dear emotional intelligence, I would like to thank you for ensuring I have no residual unanswered feelings. You have always ensured that I discuss things with people. When was it that you directed me to say to others; ‘I feel this way because of this and that, and I wanted you to know this’

I would be the first to admit, that being aware of my emotional state and why I feel certain ways may seem odd to others around me. They say things like ‘that person makes me so angry I don’t know why!’ Yet when I am sad, angry, and happy and full of love, I always know why. You direct me to the core of the person I am and show me where that emotion has come from.

Dear emotional intelligence, I thank you because to be honest, you bring a certain element of stability to me that I’d rather not be without. {A quick side by to readers; if I tell you I feel a certain way, I feel that way and it is not a joke. It is an acknowledgement of the reaction your action has caused within me that may not be visible in my attitude, but my words will be clear as day}

The awareness you provide has also allowed me to become more discerning when interpreting the varied emotions of others. So dear best quality, I’d like to say a huge thank you.

Dami Loves