When I was confronted with the option of freezing my eggs for future use, I laughed at the idea and ignored it to be  an extreme option. I was convinced that only ‘older women’ needed that option in dire circumstances. However, I was then challenged by the statement; ‘why wait for dire circumstances before you become proactive?’. I did not have a smart retort.

Egg freezing has been around for over a decade and the technology only improved with time. It is a well-known fact that women have a biological clock, but it is even a wider acknowledged fact that beyond the age of 30, egg quantity and quality begin to decline significantly (have a look at the graph below). Hence the option for egg freezing. It has become the logical choice for the career oriented woman or the woman stricken with cancer and hopes for future children. But there is a catch; eggs are best frozen as embryos, what is it that they say? It is best to go the journey ‘two by two’.

Fertility Graph from - www.babycentre.com

Fertility Graph from – www.babycentre.com

It appears to me that when women decide to freeze their eggs, they have reached a stage in their lives when they want to have children but are not willing to give up on their careers. They are often past the third decade of life; as a result, they are facing the ‘quality decline’. So when I was asked why I was not considering freezing my eggs, I answered ‘I have a long way to go before 30′. I was then faced with the answer ‘your eggs are at their best quality now’. You know what? My accuser was right!

No! I am not injecting hormones, and no I am not harvesting my eggs. But why does this option seem to be taboo amongst many women? It appears that we complain when our counterparts choose a career over family. We also complain when they decide to be stay at home mums. We then proceed to judge when they want both and opt to freeze their egg at the possibility that one day the will be mothers! No one can have it all; that is a fact I am coming to learn. However, having a career and being a mother are two things not all things!

Egg freezing is technology that is at the forefront of science. I also see it becoming the forefront of future feminism. Women have delayed marriage and having children, but I see them choosing to freeze their eggs earlier in the future. First degree completed? Time to harvest some eggs! After all, it’s best to start early!

What do you think? Why is egg freezing an unspoken taboo? Is it evidence of wanting it all? Or is it evidence of a discerning woman? Leave your thoughts below!

Until next time! Dami loves womanhood!

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