I recently read a post by MissO, where she lamented on her search for ‘the one’. She also wrote about knowing what she wanted in a future spouse. I began to think perhaps ‘he’ was out there, that looking for ‘Almost perfect’ was not so silly after all. The man she described appears perfect superficially, however, on deeper thought, he is likely to be a work in progress. I am assuming that what sets him apart from his counterparts is his willingness to be better. His desire to be the man his woman wants him to be is what makes him ‘the one’. Then I asked myself, does that not make him ‘Mr Perfect’ does that not make him ‘Mr Right?’ And if it makes him Mr Right, is that not a fallacy?

As I pondered on these thoughts, I watched the recent instalment of NdaniTV’s Rumour has it. The web series appears to be a retelling of Toke Makinwa’s Marriage saga. The video below is a mother telling her daughter that ‘Mr Right’ will always turn out to be ‘not so perfect’ I happen to agree with the mother, every single, married woman knows this is a fact. Click on the link below to watch the clip.

None of us is perfect man or woman, so why does this search for ‘Mr Perfect’ reign so vigorously. A search on google of; ‘searching Mr perfect’ yielded 331,000,000 results. It appears that women worldwide have been lured into believing that this man exists. I do not know if it is the media, books, or just wishful thinking. Or perhaps he does exist, but we settle before we give him a chance to appear? Is it a myth that he doesn’t exist? Is the denial of his existence a fad passed down to us by the older female generation who did not have as many choices and liberties as we have today?

What are your standards? What is God’s standard? I feel that searching for someone who is committed to God’s standard is more important than searching for a perfect one. Understanding temperaments and love languages are more important than finding the ‘perfect one’. I feel that instead of search for the right man, we need to focus on being the right person. Searching for peace creates happiness, forgiveness creates joy; these things should be our focus.

I firmly believe that there are many Mr Wrongs and just as many Mr Rights. The issue is understanding your purpose and agreeing together. I believe relationships; platonic, marital, and familial should be motivated by love, mutual respect and a desire for understanding. People change and will evolve, no situation is perfect, you need someone who is willing to grow with you. As a result, perfection in itself is an imperfection.

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What do you think? Is Mr right a myth or does he exist? Should we be looking for ‘Mr right for me’ instead? Is there anything wrong in knowing what we want and waiting till we find it? Are we supposed to settle and make our situation work for us instead?

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You can read Miss O’s beautiful article here –This is the man I want


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