Forgive my colour
I was not born this way.


Forgive my speech
my tongue was twisted that way in the south
forgive me
that my audacity is simplicity
my boldness is humility
my drive is born from fear
forgive me but I am not me here

I am tempered, I am reduced,
I cower and my head is bowed in shame
forgive my colour I did not know it before I came here
before your words would freeze my bones
and stares the ice would burn my eyes
forgive me, but I did not know that black,
was the colour that best described me
black, like the coal that miners find
black, like night the with empty skies

forgive my lips full and thick as they are,
I did not realise that my features would offend you so.
I carry on my back the scars of the tribe that raised me
the women who bore me and paved a way for me
forgive my smile, it is here for your protection
so you aren’t offended by the harsh features of my face
Please forgive my colour, I’m learning to forgive it too