Day 17 An Open letter to my friends; 30 Day Open Letter Challenge

Dear friends

Thank you for loving me
Broken as I am, odd as I have become
Thank you for choosing me
To be your family here on on Earth
As imperfect as I am, I know I have a home with you
Thank you for making me laugh when heavy clouds darken the days
Thank you for letting me cry when my eyes can no longer hold back the pain
It took a while to get here to open my arms, to open my heart
letting you see deepest parts of me, the corners, and the wall I hide within
Thank you for letting me be, without fear of judgement or condemnation
Thank you for praying with me, lifting holy hands when mind were weak
Thank you for dreaming with me, as I soar to reach my Zeniths
Thank you for sitting with me, in the silence that speaks volumes
Thank you pulling me close, even when I seem socially inept!
My dear friends, I love you, I love you, I do

In love
Dami loves
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