I dedicate this poem to all the women who declared 2015 to be the year of Bae or The One. Please, if the one you found or the one who found you is a clown, Hear word now! RUN. 2016 is another year .

That moment he says something that makes you want to stop listening
He says something insignificant
Something that opposes the core of who you are
something important
Like saying he was a serpent
A friend of the devil
Like saying his religion was not the same as yours
Like saying your God was not the one true God
Like him choosing tribe over heart
Him choosing lust over life
Something happens when he speaks, you want to listen
Your wagging lips sit still, and your ears awaken
He said those words so quickly to you
Though his words were not meant to harm
You must run.
Do you hear me? Pack your bags and run
There is nothing to be done here
Nothing to see, my darling do not linger there
There are rules to follow, by these laws you must abide
If you try to disobey, you will loose
If you pursue, you’ll hate what you catch
Let it go now while you have a chance
There is no grace in crowning a clown
Such efforts are futile at best
Your bae is not a clown.