Day 21; An open letter to someone who hurt you. 30 Day Open Letter Challenge
Dear heartbreaker,
I’m sure this may come as a shock to you. Perhaps you will smile at this reveal. I do not know the words to say. My pen confesses more than I should. I guess we were never meant to be. One, together, friends forever. Our genes, predestined a separation not ending. Two parallel lines, that keep on racing; a sad tale, of never meeting.

I had imagined that you would be my friend, a companion, a sister, a comrade in life. The reason for the arrows you sent me, I could not explain. Your pain unending, ‘was I to take the blame?’ I’m innocent in this matter, just as you are. He pulled us apart, I say he played his part.

I miss the fellowship that we may have had. Of weddings, and dresses, of children and husbands. The days I think of what you’ve been doing, I reach out to hold you, but my arms are left hanging. My lips part to great you; you muffle me, stifling my speech. You’ve hurt me I confess this. I need to make sure you know. But the question is this; are you rejoicing as I confess this or will you reach out to me hold me too.

Dealing with heartbreak has been a difficult, I have have had to face and deal with the pain. I am convinced that your love may have been a fraud and for that I am letting you go. ‘Perfect love covers all sins‘; but his secret was never ours to keep. Whilst I heal mine, I hope you heal yours too.

Written in love
Dami loves