30 Day Open Letter Challenge Day 26; An Open Letter to a stranger
Hello Stranger,

How do you? Fancy running into you here, right here on my blog. I’m awkward meeting strangers, I don’t know what to say. The weather is always a safe topic yet boring at its best. I hope to find some common ground, something we both enjoy. Our culture, our interests, our faith is a great topic too. May we not talk about careers and jobs of the day to day. I find this often distracts us, as our occupation doesn’t have much to say.

Let’s talk about your family, your spouse, siblings and friends. Do you have some grandchildren? Do tell me of the mischief to which they attend. I am so happy to meet you stranger even though my lips don’t seem that way. If you don’t mind, please keep speaking, I’ll respond if I know what to say. Shall we not talk about politics, which often ends in blows, instead let’s talk of sweeter things, of love and feelings too.

Did you watch that last episode; of this, that and the other? I don’t have a TV, catch up is the best I do. But tell me of your hobbies, pottering and knitting too. Educate me about your country, your foods, clothing, and world view. Please don’t touch my hair, this is not a petting zoo. Do not ask if it’s real either, please honey get a clue!

Hello, dear stranger. It’s nice to meet you. I like meeting strangers though it may not seem so the first second or two. Let us connect on a human level, I bleed just like you do, let our souls interact before we bid adieu. If we never meet again, let this encounter make do. That one day you met a stranger, and she touched your soul too.