She is very bossy! That is a statement that we hear so often in regard to women, we often say those words so carelessly as though the characteristics that make her ‘bossy’ are not often encouraged in young boys. I read Sheryl Sandberg’s highly acclaimed book ‘lean in’ and after reading it I felt invigorated. I felt empowered, and encouraged in my plight as a female in the working environment. However when faced with my own moment to lean in, I failed miserably. A female boss treated me in a way that could best be described as bullying and all I could do was cry whilst in her office. She had the nerve to say to me that if I had been a male, I would have shrugged of her comment and moved on; she was right!

Growing up, I was called the ‘headmistress’ this term was coined by family members who felt I was bossy in nature and had the attitude of someone in charge. All through my life I have often tried to dampen down these characteristics, I most especially do this in the work place. I retreat and don’t request what I feel I deserve because I do not want to come across as bossy. Yet that day when I left that office, eyes red as scarlet and make up virtually ruined, I knew I had to change, but I did not know how.
I was disappointed in myself, I felt as though I had let Sheryl down. I began to realize that my meek and retracted attitude to getting ahead was pulling me down, and at the end I will have only myself to blame.

Is there a specific reason that women are labelled as bossy and attitudinal, when they are in fact enterprising and resourceful? Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t women the most common critics of other women? I often find that just like in my situation, women tend to be the ones who pull other women down.
Instead of lending a helping hand and making a way for the younger generation of trail blazing females, many women intentionally stand in their way. Am I the only one to find this so?
Do women have more trouble at work when they work with a team of females? Is that a true phenomenon or am I giving a biased view?

Do share your opinions with me! Is there a reason for this label of bossy? Is this an equality issue? Or a bullying issue? Is this a battle of the sexes? Or a battle amongst females only? Are women the only ones who face this challenge? Why are we so afraid to stand up for ourselves and demand fair treatment?

Do share your thoughts! You know Dami loves to chat.
Until next time

Please say a word of prayer for Sheryl whose husband who died unexpectedly on the 4th of May 2015, they have two young children.