Hello Friends!! You got it right, its bake day friday! This is my take on the traditional lemon drizzle! I often leave out the drizzle as it makes it a bit too sweet, but the cakes are so refreshing and divine!! You have to try them out! Enjoy baking.

Total time; 45 mins

170 g caster sugar
120g unsalted butter
2 eggs
1 finely grated zest of lemon
juice from 1/2 a lemon
100g self raising flour


Drizzle (I’ve left this out, in the images);
85g icing sugar
2Tbps fresh lemon juice

1) preheat fan oven to 180C, line a 12 hole cupcake pan with paper cases.
2) In a free standing mixer using the paddle attachment, mix the butter and sugar on medium to high speed until light and fluffy
Checkpoint; scrape, scrape, scrape


3) In a medium sized mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs and lemon juice and zest, until combined.
4) Add the egg to the butter mixture, followed by the sifted flour on medium speed and mix until well combined
5) Do this for a further 2 minutes
6) Fill each paper case with 1 1/2 Tbsps of batter
7) Bake in the center of the preheated oven for 25 mins
8) Once baked, remove from oven, and set aside to cool

1) In a small bowl, mix the icing sugar and lemon juice
2) Drizzle over cooled cakes and enjoy


Hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe! Dami loves to bake!
Until Next Time