Image Credit: Disney

Image Credit: Disney

Over the past year, I have realised that there are many things I thought I wanted that I truly have no desire for. There are many dreams I thought I had, some were never really mine, and some were mine but have evolved as I have grown older. Two days ago I had a bad day at work, nothing specific happened, but as I drove home, my spirit felt weary. I was convinced that making some chocolate cupcakes would brighten my day and make up for the dark cloud about to fall on my Tuesday. However that changed once I got into church for bible study. Once the study was over and I began to fellowship with other church members, I realised that I had in-fact not had a bad day, but my perspective of the day was altered. I had placed my focus on the wrong thing and had the wrong expectations. I had expected the day to conclude with no highlights, I wanted to go home curl up in bed and go sleep. Instead, the beauty of the day became the things I learnt and the fellowship I shared in two hours out of twenty-four.

2015 has been a year of firsts, and it has also been a year of letting go. I have realised that as I grow older, I have begun new perspectives on how I want to use my gifts and talents. Purpose awakening has been a gradual process, but I have realised that one has to let go of the past to fully experience the future. Today I sat in a room surrounded by people I thought I wanted to be as a 10-year-old child, I realised that my life trajectory was heading n a completely different direction. My skills and talents had not changed, but my perspective and priorities had. I realised that real fulfilment rests in utilising the talents and skills that God has given me, not in the accolade awarded by man.

fulfilment rests in utilising the talents ..that God has given me, not in the accolade awarded by man Click To Tweet

Dreams come and dreams go. Relationships come and relationships go. Life comes and life goes, it is what we do with the time we have that counts. 2015 has taught me that what will be will be and holding on to things that are of no value or significance is of no merit. I am learning that I cannot leap into the future if I’m held by the leash of my past. If you knew the greatness waiting for you on the other side of your faith step, you would not linger in the memories of your past. Let it  go implies forward movement. It means that you cannot go back, it means you are able to recall how far you’ve come without becoming attached to memories of the things you let go off. It means that if you left a bad relationship, you should not be checking his whats-app DP’s every other day. It means when you speak you do not need to say; ‘when I was so and so’. ‘Let it go’ means, leaving the past behind to fend for itself taking only it’s lessons with you into the future.

I cannot leap into the future if I’m held by the leash of my past. Click To Tweet

In 2015 I let go of some dreams, I let go of some friendships and I let go of some fears. In 2015 I learnt the beauty of aloneness and appreciated my craving for solitude. In 2015 I learnt that illusions are temporary, and will always be exposed in day light. In 2015 I learnt that letting go is an art developed by practice, patience and diligence. I have learnt a lot in 2015, and I ready to take the lessons along into 2016.

Until next time! What did you learn in 2015 and what are you leaving behind in this year. When did you realise you need to let it go?

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