Dear Father,
I thank you for loving me, whole as I am, chipped as I am, broken as I am. I thank you because I know that you love me completely. I am thankful for your grace and mercy, without which I would not be able to speak to you so freely.
Thank you for knowing me truly, for seeing the deepest parts of me and loving me still.
I thank you for your perfect sacrifice that allows me to call you Father. Please forgive when me when my flesh fails, I want you to know that I do not take your grace for granted.

Dear Christ,
Thank you for being a living sacrifice for many. Thank you for living a perfect life and being a perfect example. I thank you for setting a path for me to follow and making the way of life so clear. I thank you that your life was without fault or blame, making it easy for me to trust your words. I thank you that you taught love, and showed love. I hope to be a true ambassador for you.

To indeed show love and be a representative of Christ in all do.

Dear HolySpirit,
What would I do without you? My perfect helper and companion. Each day I ask that you fill me anew, to guide me as you do and help me as you do. I know you will never lead me astray.

Help me to discover my purpose and walk in it.

Do not ever allow me to be distracted by someone else’s vision, but help me to keep my eyes on mine.

Help me to constantly incline my ears to your words. Help me to soften my heart so I comply with your instruction. How great it is to know that you pray for me when my words fail me. I am so grateful to know that when I am too weak to cry up to heaven I can ask you to do this, and the thought itself comforts me.

Dear God, help me to stay in your presence always, to pray and praise without ceasing. To bear good fruits always, to know that it is more blessed to give than to receive, and to trust in your timing. Help me to run the race you have set for me well, and help me to finish well.

With a thankful heart,