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Dear younger self, let me just tell you to put it down and pick up a pen instead. Don’t yell out my darling, write it down. I know I sound like a broken record, telling you to write it down, but it all pays off.
Yelling ‘you don’t understand me’ does not make anyone understand you, princess, write it down.
Can I let you in onto a secret you are fine the way you are.
Do not struggle to keep friends that you don’t want, there’s no point.

Write a poem out of it
When you are sixteen, you will meet two girls. Odd as they may seem, opposite of you in more ways than one, let them in. If you don’t, they will push within you and pull you out of that shell. They will be your longest friends as at 2015. You may have apprehensions about them, but I promise you, you will learn a lot from them about life and just ‘getting on’ with things.

Younger self
Sweet angel, I know you’re not looking for love, I would like to tell you that you are on the right track with that plan. When it comes, you’ll know it, and I promise you, it is worth saving your heart (wink wink)
You don’t fall into the trap that is peer pressure, keep on with that.

Dear younger self, allow me to tell you that the world is heavy and the world is broken but Dami you’re only chipped, don’t let that get you down, write it down instead.
When you cry because you have been misunderstood, write it down
When you are happy, write it down
When you are angry and cannot scream loud enough, write it down
When you fall in love write it down
When you find a new friend who opens up to you, and you can’t help but open up too, write it down

I know you are building your walls high, each emotion is a brick that you lay down as it reaches the sky. Don’t worry, princess, some people manage to scale through, and they break those walls down.
Chase after your dreams, let me tell you something, you’ll achieve your dreams. But don’t forget the ones that were actually yours. Not the one society encouraged you to chase, but your own dreams.

So write it down I promise you great girl, your dreams are valid! Stay hopeful! You can do it!

Dami Loves