Eight female anchors on ‘Egyptian State Television’ were suspended recently due to their weight. Their bosses blatantly told these reporters that they needed to lose weight, or they would not appear on air. Feminists were livid they cried discrimination, while some said that if they see a face they do not like on TV, they change the channel subconsciously. What do you think; do you believe in their philosophy of ‘lose weight or get lost?’

What do you have to Offer?
In this 21st century age of Instagram filters, Kim Kardashian, and microwave meals; we define success and quality in different ways. Not many people are content with the quality of your mind if you’re not wearing a power suit. Have we watered down our desire for quality content? How did their weight affect their ability to read the news? Or are we missing something; perhaps being a news anchor goes beyond the reading of the news?

Dress as you want to be addressed
Those in the entertainment sector and mass communication naturally aim for a specific audience. Is it possible that the executives felt that the public was not satisfied with the appearance of the anchors? I was once criticised about my hair by a boss who did not like my faux dreadlocks, what did I do after the comment? I took them off. I often suppose others interpret our appearance in a way that is unexpected. It is based on stereotypes and expectations, is it fair? No, but life is not fair. I do not trust a dentist with bad breath and bad teeth, does that change the quality of the dentist? Nope, but it changes my perception of the dentist, and opinions and impressions matter.

This subject has raised the issue of discrimination. Obesity is unhealthy, yes we are aware. However, science has shown that if you are plus size and exercise regularly, you are better off than a skinny person who doesn’t exercise regularly. Were the executives discriminatory? Probably. However, it was their preference, is preference a prejudice? If it is, is that then discrimination? Would the same have happened if the anchors were men?

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What do you think? Do you feel that the organisation was wrong? Do you believe we need to focus more on content as opposed to appearance? Do you feel perception is just as important as performance?

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Does Appearance Matter?

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